My primary professional focus pertains to advancing my knowledge of strategy and game theory.

Growth Marketing

Much of my work is focused on marketing strategies with a clear connection to long-term growth.


Supporting social good has been integrated into my professional projects and personal life.


I enjoy spending free time at the poker table - not much of a grinder but love T.H. N.L Tournies.

Beer, Bubbles, & Bourbon

My drinks of choice include the 3B's - something hoppy, something crisp, and something smooth.

Columbus, Ohio

Moved here for Ohio State University and never left. Our family is now rooting in Central Ohio.

Nerding Out

A phrase that's stuck to describe the deep analytic process I take while problem solving and innovating.


Clients and colleagues have both become familiar with emails and project updates after 1am ET.


The process isn't always great, but I do enjoy a chance of scenery whether it be for work or R&R.

My Projects


SHORT BIO: Marketing Strategist FT. Activist PT. Food & Poker Enthusiast. Husband, Father, Mensan, OSU Buckeye.

PROFESSIONAL BIO: Marketing Strategist successful at establishing the vision and strategies necessary to grow successful brands. Extensive experience in planning of marketing strategies, execution of digital campaigns, and the development of digital products. An innovative and forward-thinking leader. Historical success in generating media impressions, engaging users, and acquiring customers within scope and budget. Proven ability to coordinate large strategic partnerships and oversee the management of projects with high-profile brands. Strong analytical skills, combined with a tireless work ethic.

Content Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Brand Development
Digital Production

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My voicemail has been full since 2011.

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