LASANAN is a Strategic Digital Agency specializing in Search and Content Marketing. We believe that all brands are unique, and therefore deserve a unique approach to marketing, which includes an in-depth profiling of their customers, value proposition, and market opportunity.

We don’t sell pre-packaged services – instead, we audit the current needs and practices of our clients so that we can develop innovative strategies that are custom tailored to achieving their success.

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We’re fans of the eureka effect.

We focus time and energy on those “ah-ha” moments that allow our partners to gain a greater clarity and confidence on the marketing strategies that are deployed. By developing every tactic with brand goals and culture in mind, we’re able to create focused campaigns that exceed standard communications. And by reverse engineering from successes, we’re able to amplify future initiatives and raise the ceiling of success.

A highly consultative process.

There’s value to building internal expertise and capabilities, and we can appreciate that. As such, we seek partner relationships where we’re able to support mutual growth, and not operate on an island. We’re interested in strengthening our partners through collaboration that often includes operational guides, project plans, and team training.

The story behind the name.

There are records of the Sumerian language being used to communicate as early as 3100 BC in Mesopotamia. The area was often referred to as the cradle of civilization as it was the birthplace of great innovation (writing, the wheel, agriculture, etc.) and spurred on several great empires. The cultural collective of the area worked to establish infrastructure and nurture rapid advancement, and the word that they used to describe their kingdom was “la sanan” – translated in English to, unrivaled.

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